About me

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I’m a philosopher/tech/happy guy at heart. I love data-driven innovation or rather data-informed businesses. My passion is to explore data and understand the meaning of it.

I found my passion during my studies and I have since then dived deep into the world of ML/AI, optimization of data-processing or the trenches of UNIX “everything as a file” to this day. Might put some time for vim configuration (way too much time at times) ;)

Winner - Hack for Sweden 2018

Dreamteam from Stockholm AI: Eric Leijonmarck, Birger Moëll, Viktor Qvarfordt, Anton Osika


Tony Robbins - Mastery University 2020

Mastery University promotes life-long learning to help me create my extraordinary life. I have attened three life-changing live events mastering all aspects of your life - mind, body, emotions, physical health, finances, time and business.