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The Mathematics of Impermanence: Why Your Legacy Might Not Be What You Think

A deep dive into the mathematical and technical aspects of legacy, material possession, and social impact. Why what we often strive for may not last as long as we think.

— 2023-08-30

The AI Revolution: A Double-Edged Sword

A personal perspective on the rapid evolution and implications of AI and ML technologies.

— 2023-05-13

Arbitrary code execution during compilation - Rust

Arbitrary code execution during compliation

— 2023-03-18

Building Rusty Bucket - Part 1

Rusty the bucket a performance benchmark for building pandas

— 2023-03-11

Understanding Rusts uniqueness: Ownership

A brief introduction to ownership in Rust

— 2022-10-02

Data structures: Merkle Trees

Why merkle trees are becoming a everyday data structure that most engineers should know

— 2022-06-02

New typescript yarn project

A description of how to setup a project using yarn with typescript support from the beginning

— 2021-02-06

Side Effects

A short but concise description of what side effects mean in software development

— 2020-04-12

Google Sheets API

A tutorial on how to setup the correct credentials and service account for creation of sheets

— 2020-02-06

How to spot a recession

Predicting a recession using simple metrics

— 2019-12-18T22:40:32.169Z

♫ -> ヅ = hmm. Music Genre Classification

Music Genre Classification using fastai and deploy on GCP

— 2019-11-17T22:40:32.169Z

Going Broad in a graph

Going broad in a graph: Introduction to Breadth First Search

— 2019-10-20T22:40:32.169Z

Algorithms: Window Functions

Tricks for string manipulation handling

— 2019-09-25T22:40:32.169Z

Idea to prototype

Simple tricks to go from nothing to prototype of app

— 2019-09-25T22:40:32.169Z

Data structures and algorithms - 2sum

Data structures and algorithms - 2sum

— 2019-09-18T22:40:32.169Z

Introduction to Algorithms

Short introduction to why to learn algorithms

— 2019-09-09T22:40:32.169Z

EchoServer for monitoring of applications

EchoServer send whatever you `$ curl localhost:4000` 'sent to it'. "sent to it"

— 2019-07-28T22:40:32.169Z

Calculating the Probability of some Event (E)

How to calculate the Probability of an event occuring by also using the Z-score

— 2019-06-17T22:40:32.169Z

An Introduction to Gradient Descent w. Linear Regression

Gradient descent is one of 'greatest hits' algorithms. This posts gives a detailed explained and walkthrough of why and how it is implemented and applied to an example for linear regression

— 2019-06-09T22:40:32.169Z

Generative model for text mock-data

Any text-based entity or text-based column for upstarts or demos can be populated by generating mock data from a already learnt distribution or a encoding/decoding using textgen.

— 2019-03-03T22:40:32.169Z

Genetic algorithm for flappy bird

A neural network to play frappy bird with a genetic algorithm with different speeds and watch the progress.

— 2019-01-10T22:40:32.169Z